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Thanks to the fanclub I am able just after the release to listen
to the new Agnetha Fältskog album. Always satisfied about the
quick delivery, always well wrapped, very happy to add all
versions to my collection. Thanks and keep up the good works.

Gery Leenknegt - Nederland
18 October 2023, 10:51:49

I received my A+ order on the day of release, and well
packaged as always. It's always a pleasure to order from
the ABBA fanclub shop!

Onno Conde Nieto - Nederland
16 October 2023, 08:19:53

Today I received my order.
All perfect as always!
With a nice fanclubcard as a nice gift.

Thank you for the great service:)

Johnny rijks - Netherlands
13 October 2023, 15:13:26

Excellent service. Placed my order 31. august, received it 5. sept. Thank you1 - Norway
6 September 2023, 22:22:58

Hello dear Helga, hello all ABBA fans! Many thanks to Helga for
the fast and quality delivery of the Benny Andersson Piano
(Deluxe) CD and magazine. This album is great relaxation music,
composed by Benny and performed by him in a very subtle, lyrical
interpretation of his famous works. The first time I heard this
music, it touched me very deeply, tears rolled down my cheeks and
my heart rejoiced... Thank you for the uplifting music. Greetings
to all ABBA fans

Undine - Lithuania
8 August 2023, 10:13:12

Hello, within just 2 days I received my order of ABBA Guide to
Stockholm. Great service, which I highly appreciate. Best wishes

Bernd Prott - Germany
6 June 2023, 16:09:20

Hello! :) A couple of days ago I received directly in my
mailbox from the fan club shop, 2 singles, picture discs.
One of them were People need love/Merry-go round, and the
other was Ring,Ring in Swedish version with Å, vilka
tider on the B-side. I very much enjoys listening to the
B-sides, as I never had heard them before!! ♡♡♡♡ Thank ypu
so much for quite fast shipping, and direct in my
mailbox!!! Best wishes !!

Monica Voll - Norway
28 May 2023, 18:06:43

Thank you very much for the fast delivery, perfect like always.
I have been ordering from this shop for many years.

Sabine - Germany
26 May 2023, 22:01:27

Hello Helga
Thank you very much for everything! You are simply GREAT! It is
always a pleasure to buy from ABBF!.

SM - Italy
19 May 2023, 16:12:24

Today I received Christian Svarfvar's album The Symphonic Touch of
Benny Andersson through this shop. So special to hear ABBA's /
Benny's music when an orchestra plays it. More enjoyment for me.
Which makes me realize how good the original is!

Amy Pikaar - the Netherlands
21 April 2023, 17:11:27

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