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Very, very happy with my order, received today! I highly recommended the Web-Shop of It´s every time a joy to place a order there!
Gesine Kittel - Germany
11 April 2014, 16:48:36

Very happy with order received today. Thank you.
Fraser Penney - Scotland
10 April 2014, 22:58:52

Thank You Helga for the Chinese cast Recording of Mamma Mia !
You're the only one who sells such cheap international ABBA
goodies. As well today I did receive my 40th ann. Waterloo cd
+dvd and the picturedisc of Waterloo. I can really recommend time
after time the International ABBA Fanclub Shop. Thank You Helga.

Harry Boeijen - The Netherlands
5 April 2014, 16:10:53

I´ve received my ABBA official photo book today. The book is amazing. There are no damages, it has arrived safely packaged. Thank you.
Jirí Prikryl - Czech Republic
2 April 2014, 18:10:15

Over the years I ordered several times all kinds of ABBA-stuff and everytime the service, delivery, packing etc etc was very good taken care of and all right. I'm more than satisfied with all the effort Helga put in each and every order. You do a great job girl! Thank you so much!
MIKE AARTS - The Netherlands
27 March 2014, 22:27:45

I received a shipment of DVD Number One, goods super, perfect packing, I'm totally satisfied, thank you very much.
Vladimir Rilk - Czech republic
28 February 2014, 10:26:17

I do have a sincere appreciation for your unselfish service and
consideration. Each response and advice has always been
reasonably immediate, and generally telling me exactly what I
need to know.
I can sense why you still exist as a long loved ABBA fan club,
has to be the dedicated and delightful people behind it. You
manage to fill the magazine of really one of the most private
(formerly active) popular bands in history, with relevant and
exciting information. Never does it ever sound intrusive nor
abusive to the subjects you are representing.
I think the very best accolade I can express of a fan club is
there is never a tone or sense of what the 'right' or 'proper'
fan is, as others I have been involved with certainly have.

Michael Reid - Australia
27 February 2014, 05:33:32

received today again in superb condition, my last order. The new cd of Nanne is a real recommondation for everybody. Super album, it really gives me a great feeling. Also the rest of the order was super. Very glad with it. Thank you all for your great work
ronnie Wielockx - belgium
14 February 2014, 03:17:25

I received my order from the fan club yeasterday. The fantastic deluxe edition of Agnetha's album A, some beautiful photos of Agnetha, Colin Collier's wonderful cd of Frida songs,Frank Rich ABBA songbook and a lovely big photo of Agnetha and Frida on stage at Eurovison in 74. Thank you Helga I'am very very happy with everything I bought. And I want to say a big thank you also for the great gifts you sent in the order as well. The beautiful giant ABBA poster and the beautiful postcard that you designed yourself. I look forward to ordering some more items from you agin very soon. Thank you again for everything.
Carissa Higham - Australia
8 February 2014, 02:38:56

Always happy with the friendly and efficient service I receive. Great magazine too of course :-)
Paul Russell - UK
30 January 2014, 20:42:50

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