Guest book

What a wonderful fanclub and shop. Thanks Helga & Anita. You
really make great work. Dear fans, if you´ll buy some items from
the Fanclub shop it will be very fast shipped to your house.
Thank you for the items :0) Love

Wolli Geerligs - Germany
5 December 2013, 14:49:58

It is so nice when I know I can trust at abba fanclub shop
everytime a new abba item comes out for sale.Big THANK you for the
very beautiful Agnetha singles.And Helga...warm thank you for such
a fantastic fanclub card,perfect to my abbacard collection!!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all abba fanclub members
around the world!!!!Greeting from

marina högström - finland
3 December 2013, 19:43:11

Today I received my order ABBA DELUXE EDITION from ABBA FAN CLUB
SHOP and I'm really satisfied Thanks to all epically Helga and
Anita for your excellence service. Regards,

hisham merdass - LEBANON
2 December 2013, 20:44:30

Thank you very, very much for the parcel with my order from the ABBF-Fanclub. The items are wonderful, especially the new book from Stany. I´m so very glad and happy! 10 Stars for excellent service!!!!!
Gesine Kittel - Germany
2 December 2013, 18:45:17

Thanks again for your excellent service and fast shipping. Always a pleasure

Louis van Beek - Netherlands
30 November 2013, 01:10:04

Just received the lattest two Agnetha singles. Excellent packaging, a mere 3 days to arrive from the Netherlands to Spain. Thanks a lot! Gracias!
Natxo - Spain
28 November 2013, 10:11:44

Today I received Agnetha's two latest cd-singles. The remixes of
"I should've followed you home" are really fantastic!! Thank you
for the fast shipment.

John - The Netherlands
26 November 2013, 18:39:47

Stany's book, 'Lets talk about' ABBA is really great!!! The new Polish book is also a must have for any fans collection, many rare and never seen photo's. Thanks again for the great service!
Bonny - Nederland
26 November 2013, 18:24:09

As usual, it has been a pleasant experience to order and receive
items from the Fanclub so promptly and carefully packed. This time
being Ring Ring Deluxe Edition. Thank you Helga (and everybody
else in the club)for your kindness and being so nice to include an
Agnetha mini poster + a fanclub postcard!!! Yours,

Daniel Flores - Chile
24 November 2013, 14:46:11

Thank you for the very nice book "Let's Talk About ABBA" that I
received last week in perfect condition! Always a pleasure :-)

18 November 2013, 18:19:06

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