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I bought Benny's Royal Wedding song and what a beautiful song!!! Thank you Helga for having this item in the collection.
Amy Pikaar - the Netherlands
17 July 2010, 09:37:32

I recieved the sheetmusic,vilar glad i din famn today.It had so very nice "paper" around it.It was the same poster of ABBA which was in the magazine 100. HURRAY,I love this picture!!
For me,it is so fantastic when the ABBA fanclub is selling these kind of Benny things too.Now I have one more in my collection.
A big thank you to Helga and Anita!!

marina - finland
14 July 2010, 18:08:55

I ordered the new Benny single and a few books from the fan club shop. The service was truly friendly and very reliable. The items were extremely well packaged and reached me in perfect condition! Thank you very much.
Stephan Dörr - Germany
14 July 2010, 09:45:08

I bought the box "ABBA The Albums" and I love it. Thanks for sending my order so quickly and I will buy more from the shop soon.
Michel hardorff - the netherlands
11 July 2010, 10:19:06

Received my order today and really love all of it! I bought the fanclub calendar 2010, which is a real collectable item cause of its nice and rare pictures! Also bought the ABBA-world cards and the book Stories Behind Every Song, a nice book including lots of pictures and information. As a nice little extra I did receive a small card (picture of Frida and Bjorn on it)saying thanks for the order! Keep up the good works Helga and Anita! All the best,
Bonny - Nederland
24 June 2010, 18:27:18

Lately I have become very intrested in the Spanish language. I remembered that my all time favorite group ABBA had brought out a spanish album. Gracia par la musica. But soon I learned there were more Spanish cd's.
Okay, I had to make a choice. The spanish CD from the Musical Mamma Mia and Todo ABBA. Todo ABBA had nice booklet in Spanish and English. And while I am writing this message the Spanish version of Mamma Mia is playing. The energy I experienced from the Dutch version, I experience now in Spanish. I have to study the lyrics for a week or so but I can sing by heart then Mamma mia! Otra vez igual. ¿Ay Ay cómo resistirme?
And I must resist to not to go overboard with buying. Foto's from Frida/Bjorn in Madrid. Another cd Exitos Eternos. The cd from Anne Sofie von Otter I let the music speak. And the book Tribute to Frida. Yes, I will order again as soons as possible. Thanks for the prompt delivery, Helga.

Bernadette van Os - The Netherlands
30 May 2010, 14:15:13

Got my order (book the little white piano and mamma mia book) so here is one lady who is very happy. Next gift to myself will be the Special Voules Vous for May 31! :-)))) Cant wait!
Regina Jansen - the Netherlands
14 May 2010, 19:35:38

Absolut great and superb service at the ABBF-Recordservice!
For many years I have been ordering different items from the ABBA FAN CLUB SHOP. Thanks for always the quick service and fast delivery!
Especialy the german books: "Wie ich bin" and "Stockholmguide"

Uwe Meyer - Germany
30 April 2010, 00:21:46

Kristina in English one word "great".
The book from Bjorn lovely, i had to translate this to my children. One song comes in mind when you read this book.

Ettie Valstar - holland
25 April 2010, 09:30:35

Absolut great and superb service at the ABBF-Recordservice! No problems at all and great items to order! I get my parcel yesterday and I´m so happy about the new ABBA-Books and many more. Absolutly great in anyway! Thank you very, very much!
Gesine Kittel - Germany
13 April 2010, 17:00:47

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