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Helga and Anita run a wonderful service, there have been times
where the only place to obtain an item is through the fan club
shop. They require your support to keep this service going. so
please purchase from here where possible. All my best to Anita and
Helga and good luck with the forthcoming ABBA Day, unfortunately I
won't be there but my thought are with you both as with Ursula and
the gang. have a blast and keep up the good work. you provide a
service thats keeps us all up todate be it online or the old
fashioned way the mag which gives those without the internet a
life line to everything ABBA. THANK YOU

Billy Strachan - UK
17 March 2013, 13:41:18

Just received my order from the fan club shop. I'am very happy with everything I bought. Two beautiful photos of ABBA, the new ABBA keyring, the wonderful book ABBA A Life In Pictures and the Anne Wood cd Divine Discontent. Helga was very kind to keep me up to date about what was happening with my order as the shop had to wait for two of the items I ordered to come in. Thank you so much Helga for the wonderful service. I don't know what us ABBA fans would do without you and this wonderful fan club.
Carissa Higham - Australia
5 March 2013, 05:45:48

Helga - Thanks so very much for another great set of books! I love the rare photos in Ihre Ganze Geschichte and the beautiful ones in A Tribute to Frida. I need to start planning a trip to Sweden so I can see all the fantastic sites in Sara Russell's (autographed!) ABBA Guide to Stockholm. And the little extras included in the package are always appreciated!
Michael Polito - USA
4 March 2013, 18:16:01

WOO HOO!! Got my BAO Box set today!! :-D
Love trhe photo of Benny and his accordian...nice touch
Thank you very much Helga!!!

MartRuth McConnaghy - USA
26 February 2013, 05:20:51

Thanks Helga, I received the package today. ok shipping and
beautiful product ABBA LOGO KEYRING. All in a short time. Kiss,
kiss, kiss.

Donatella - Italia
12 February 2013, 13:42:06

Great service from Helga at the ABBF Fan Club. Received the very much precious keychain. Quick delivery, excellent package with a very nice magazine. Thanks!
Ignacio - Spain
11 February 2013, 13:50:32

Thank you all the team. Great top get Benny's box.
Gerald OPINTCHALOV - France
6 February 2013, 12:05:43

Helga: Consider me your new #1 fan in the USA! Having recently
discovered both the Fan Club and the Shop, I feel like a kid in
a candy store. With ABBA merchandise being very difficult to
find in the US, the variety of items offered through the Shop is
like a dream come true. And my first package arrived in perfect
condition - first class service all around! The ABBA in America
book brings back great memories from seeing their Radio City
Music Hall concert in October 1979. The photographs in the ABBA
Fotografien 1974-80 book are fantastic. And after watching the
almost 4-hour long Frida-The DVD (including super-rare clips
from Frida singing jazz in the 60's through her duet with Jon
Lord in 2004), my admiration for her incredible beauty and
talent is even greater than before. I must also commend you and
your entire staff on producing such an informative and eye-
popping (all those great photos!) magazine. Now, all I have to
do is decide what I want to order next...

Michael Polito - USA
4 February 2013, 23:08:15

Dear Helga!
I agree with Joeri from Belgium,very excellent and quick service
and you are always villing to help us fans,even if the item is not
in shop yet....warm big THANKs!!!!!!!!!!

marina - Finland
28 January 2013, 17:48:37

Dear Helga, thanks a lot for the excellent and quick service. Some quality time with BAO-music will now follow :-)
Joeri Van der Veken - Belgium
25 January 2013, 23:28:45

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