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Thank you for the fast shipping of Agnetha's latest cd-single. I
also appreciate very much the nice photo which you've enclosed as
an extra gift.

John - Netherlands
21 August 2013, 15:16:23

Thank you for the lovely cdsingle Dance your pain away some great remixes.
Ettie Valstar - nederland
18 August 2013, 12:38:04

Helga sells hard to get or elsewhere very expensive items. I
gladly take on her offers fot those bargains. You should do the
same !

Harry Boeijen - nederland
16 August 2013, 17:28:38

I just joined the fan club today. Very excited and happy I did.
thomas prikosovich - usa
20 July 2013, 20:23:42

Hello everybody,
I'm so happy...I got two shipments very fast, thank you very
much...and the items are absolutly addition, every time
you put some special photos from Abba, very nice, thank yoooooou
:-)A lot of greetings from Germany

Anja Reichert - Germany
20 July 2013, 10:52:37

Thank you very much for so fast delivery.And its always fun to get something special inside the package.I really loved the photo ordercard,that is special!!!!!
marina - finland
12 July 2013, 12:15:35

Thank you so much for the fast service. I am in Indiana USA and I received my items in 1 week. I love the pictures of the ABBA museum opening and I love the calendar. I will order again. Thanks again.
thomas prikosovich - usa
26 June 2013, 16:47:46

I got the German magazine today. A beautiful item and some extra
stuff from the fanclub. Perfect and nice to get. Thank you Helga
and Anita.

Hans Kegge - Nederland
21 June 2013, 17:47:11

Very great that the abba site is more back then ever. I send every
one on facebook to the club. People give me compliments about the
posters from the 70es. I'm have collected so much. I am proud to
be fan from day one.

lucia derriks - nederland
21 June 2013, 15:50:19

stop playing their hits every minute of every day...Love is not a
strong enough word. Hence I love this site immensely...

Michael Johnson - Australia
20 June 2013, 14:04:04

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