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Order received in perfect condition, thank you Helga and all the ABBA fan club team!
David Legrand - Belgium
18 February 2015, 07:57:09

Thanks to the fanclub shop I received Dan en Frida's single 1865. Great to hear Frida's voice again on a cd. Beautiful song, great charity. thank you so much for recording this Frida, and thank you Helga for offering this item to us fans.:-)
Amy Pikaar - the Netherlands
14 February 2015, 17:29:48

Thank God Helga sells those rare cd's. I ordered some in the
past. Now I just received 1865 with frida on it. She can still
sing and hasn't lost her accent. Thank you Frida and thank you
Helga. I an still and will stay a member of the fanclub.

Harry Boeijen - The Netherlands
13 February 2015, 17:30:32

Just received the CDsingle "1865" by Dan Daniell feat. Frida. It
is great to hear the voice of Frida again on CD. Beautiful music,
beautiful voices ! Thanks to the ABBA fanclubshop I have received
the CDsingle in good condition. Thanks for the great service and
the beautiful card ! All the best to you !

John - The Netherlands
11 February 2015, 19:10:31

Perfect! Recieved the new Frida CD Single today, great service as usual!
Eric - Eindhoven
11 February 2015, 14:25:15

thank you Helga for such a quick and reliable service. I have
been looking everywhere for this deluxe album at a fair price. I
shall recommend you to everyone. best wishes

chris watkins - england
27 January 2015, 17:41:38

I'm more than happy to recive the packet with absolutely fabulous stuff today :) Everything arrived in mint condition :) Thank you, Helga, for being so carefull and so helpfull! I wish yu all the best for the whole new year!
Piotr - Poland
17 January 2015, 00:55:59

I received the monopolygame a day before Christmas. It looks
great! Thank you so much for the great service Helga and for
offering this item.:-)
I wish everyone a happy/healthy new year.

Amy Pikaar - the Netherlands
28 December 2014, 09:47:31

I received this morning ABBA Gold in the Steelbox and CHESS
deluxe.Thanks to the ABBA FAN CLUB for all your work and each
time IOrdered some items, they have been delivered very fast
with always a good packaging.
Merci à toute l'équipe

Hervé GONTIER - France
28 November 2014, 15:32:13

Thanks once again Helga ! I enjoy my ABBA and ABBA-Related music:
ABBA-Live-Wembley, Gracias por la Musica and Chess-Deluxe. The
spanish album takes me back to my youth and chess takes me back
to 1984 ! Thank you Polar for these releases and Thank you helga
for being a Dutch shop with all these cd's !
I can really recommend this shop. Love,

Harry Boeijen - The Netherlands
24 November 2014, 18:06:03

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