Guest book

Very great that the abba site is more back then ever. I send every
one on facebook to the club. People give me compliments about the
posters from the 70es. I'm have collected so much. I am proud to
be fan from day one.

lucia derriks - nederland
21 June 2013, 15:50:19

stop playing their hits every minute of every day...Love is not a
strong enough word. Hence I love this site immensely...

Michael Johnson - Australia
20 June 2013, 14:04:04

I got the picture disc single from Agnetha today. Thank you so
very much AGAIN for the high service and i order again very soon
Shipping and delivery is very good and very fast Thank you again
Kindest regards

Richard - The Netherlands
31 May 2013, 15:43:36

Hello Helga & Anita! Shipping and arrived this morning. The CD
''A''Agnetha Fatlskog, of the picture disc 7 and the German
magazine. The picture disc and arrived last week. All packaged
very well. Excellent professionalism and expertise are great. A
kiss from Italy and myself. Kisses Kisses Kisses.

Donatella Bessi - Italia
29 May 2013, 16:08:53

Dear Helga,
I received my order today. I'm very happy with it. It's always a
pleasure to buy and receive some ABBA stuff. Many thanks for the
extra's you added! So nice!!! Keep up the good ABBA work, as
Kind regards,

Liesbeth - The Netherlands
24 May 2013, 18:59:08

Dear Helga, Thank you so very very very very very much for the
ABBA special i got it today and will treasure it what a great item
and thanks for the very fast service. The next order is a fact!!!!
ABBA for ever. Kindest regards

Richard - The Netherlands
24 May 2013, 15:07:05

Helga tnx very much your shop is always great and a pleasure to
buy on it! A very fast and serious service! Greetings from Italy

Isabella bevilacqua - Italy
23 May 2013, 20:14:47

Besten Dank für den Super Service. Grüsse aus der Schweiz und bis
zum nächsten mal.

René Grolimund - Schweiz
23 May 2013, 12:10:04

Just received Agnetha's LP "A" as well as her cds and 7" picture
disc "When you really loved someone". I'm very happy to have these
great items in my recordcollection. Thank you!

John - Netherlands
21 May 2013, 22:01:52

Received my 'A' cd saturday! As always securey wrapped and with a nice card. Thanks!
Onno Conde Nieto - The Netherlands
13 May 2013, 09:54:25

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