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Dear Helga!

My deepest thanks for the Frida box,it came today november 6th.
Even more beautfiful that I could have imagine!!!
Thanks for making it possible to order this box,means a lot for us
Frida and abba fans!!!!

marina - Finland
6 November 2015, 19:36:26

Fridabox had arrived thanx Helga and abbafanclub for al jour work its a fantastic box Frans schoten belgie
frans de belder - belgie
3 November 2015, 14:09:46

Thank you so very much. I got the box today. It is so great you
help us getting these items, and without overcharge the price.
Thank you again!

Torstein Myromslien - Norway
3 November 2015, 11:42:17

Thanks a lot for the nice Frida-Boxset. It is really a treasure. Great service.
Falk - Germany
31 October 2015, 19:29:10

I am very happy with my copy of the limited Frida "Something's going on" box. Received it in very good condition. It is beautiful ! Thank you very much,Helga,for make it possible to get the box and for the good service. You are great !
John - The Netherlands
29 October 2015, 19:44:36

Thanks for the unique Frida box set ! Wonderful service at a very reasonable price and always something extra in the package ! Keep going, for the love of ABBA.
Werner Heyvaert - Belgium
29 October 2015, 09:58:23

Impressed as always.
Excellent service, superb quality, great prices.
Frida's box just arrived and is here to stay !
Thank you Helga!

Gert - Netherlands
27 October 2015, 22:44:57

Thank you Helga for sending me the cd of Karlekens Tid. A wonderful cd. I even got a Benny Autograph with it. Furthermore Lats week I was able to pay for Frida's cd there's something going on, also with an autographed card. Thank you Helga for making this possible. You have your contacts and give us the stuff! Other shops do NOT offer autographs of the members of ABBA, Helga does and Helga sells everything that's on the market for reasonable prices. Thank you Helga
Harry Boeijen - The Netherlands
30 September 2015, 08:34:48

Thanks a lot for the fast shipping of the Kärlekens Tid cd and the great signed card from Benny! Very happy with it!!
love, Eric

Eric - Holland
21 September 2015, 09:44:42

Received yesterday the CD "Kärlekens Tid". Really a wonderfull CD. Beautiful voices! Thank you for the great service, Helga. You are doing a great job !
John - The Netherlands
19 September 2015, 21:55:25

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