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I recently ordered some books from the fan club store. One of the books was 'ABBA Treasures' and I was so blown away with the contents of the book - such great pictures & memorbillia; it even contained some Australian memoribillia & I was over the moon! This book is a MUST for all ABBA fans. I also bought the book 'Bight Stars, Dark Shadows' and have only started to read it, it is so captivating & takes you back to the very start of all the ABBA members; am really enjoying it.
Thank you to all those working at the ABBA fan club & for the speedy receipt of my order. Keep up the great work!

Maria Pappas - Sydney, Australia
28 November 2010, 23:38:04

Always great friendly service and communication.
Very nice items.Fast delivery. Thank you.

Brigitte - Switzerland
22 November 2010, 17:20:27

Thank you for all what you do for ABBA and the ABBA Fan's.
Thank you so much.

Carmen Treffer - Austria
20 November 2010, 15:18:41

Nice items and great service. Thank you
Marion - Netherlands
20 November 2010, 12:21:03

Nice items in the shop and fast delivery! Thanks again!
Richard de Groot - The Netherlands
15 November 2010, 17:17:50

I ordered the book ABBA treasures by Elisabeth Vincentelli. It's really awesome and an absolute must-have for every ABBA-fan! Especially the included reproduced fan-items are very cool. Thanks Helga for the speedy transaction (as always)!
Liesbeth - Netherlands
8 November 2010, 21:55:07

Dear Helga and Anita,
Thank you for doing so much work for the ABBA shop and fanclub! Recently I've ordered some items and I received them in good condition and I'm very happy with it.
Thanx again for keeping my "idols" alive!

Jomaro Kooke - Nederland
8 November 2010, 14:42:39

Thanks again for the perfect service and very friendly and helpful

Edward - Netherlands
6 November 2010, 19:15:48

I always order ABBA-gifts for my mom, because she is such a great fan. Amazing things you've got in the shop.
Daisy - Netherlands
6 November 2010, 08:03:13

Hello, I would like to pass on my warmest recommendations to ABBA fan clup shop. Friendly service.
Peter - Denmark
3 November 2010, 19:23:06

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