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Season's greetings Helga
A heartfelt thank you from NZ. Being so remote I have often felt "alone" in my fandom of Abba but your kind words and exemplary service always make me appreciate that I am part of a community. Respectfully,

Bede Stevens - New Zealand
9 December 2010, 20:45:23

Thank you very much. Every order in your shop went allways fast and well. Much greetings!
Sascha - Switzerland
9 December 2010, 18:54:06

I did!!!
GET YOUR ABBA THINGS HERE, from ALL OVER THE WORLD you just need to remember First Class service, hospitality and very smooth and quick shipment.
Best wishes,

Richard van den Bosch - Netherlands
8 December 2010, 21:17:48

I recently ordered some books from the fan club store. One of the books was 'ABBA Treasures' and I was so blown away with the contents of the book - such great pictures & memorbillia; it even contained some Australian memoribillia & I was over the moon! This book is a MUST for all ABBA fans. I also bought the book 'Bight Stars, Dark Shadows' and have only started to read it, it is so captivating & takes you back to the very start of all the ABBA members; am really enjoying it.
Thank you to all those working at the ABBA fan club & for the speedy receipt of my order. Keep up the great work!

Maria Pappas - Sydney, Australia
28 November 2010, 23:38:04

Always great friendly service and communication.
Very nice items.Fast delivery. Thank you.

Brigitte - Switzerland
22 November 2010, 17:20:27

Thank you for all what you do for ABBA and the ABBA Fan's.
Thank you so much.

Carmen Treffer - Austria
20 November 2010, 15:18:41

Nice items and great service. Thank you
Marion - Netherlands
20 November 2010, 12:21:03

Nice items in the shop and fast delivery! Thanks again!
Richard de Groot - The Netherlands
15 November 2010, 17:17:50

I ordered the book ABBA treasures by Elisabeth Vincentelli. It's really awesome and an absolute must-have for every ABBA-fan! Especially the included reproduced fan-items are very cool. Thanks Helga for the speedy transaction (as always)!
Liesbeth - Netherlands
8 November 2010, 21:55:07

Dear Helga and Anita,
Thank you for doing so much work for the ABBA shop and fanclub! Recently I've ordered some items and I received them in good condition and I'm very happy with it.
Thanx again for keeping my "idols" alive!

Jomaro Kooke - Nederland
8 November 2010, 14:42:39

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