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Hi people of the Fanclub Shop, today my parcel with 2 books and 1
magazine arrived. All in good condition and well packaged. As
previously this is again a satisfactory experience. Thanks again
and I'm looking forward to my next order. Bye for now,

Will Geuyen - The Netherlands
9 November 2013, 11:24:52

I just received the ABBA necklace from the fan club shop. Thank you Helga for selling such a beautiful item. And thank you for the wonderful and fast service. I will be buying some more things from the fan club again vey soon.
Carissa Higham - Australia
29 October 2013, 06:08:58

Hallo Helga,
Ik wil je weer heel hartelijk danken voor je geweldige service.
Ben zeer blij met de nieuwe ABBA artikelen.De cd-speler kan weer
vol aan de bak.Ben benieuwd naar Hjalp Sokes,en de remixes van
Agnetha's Dance the pain away. Het belangrijkste bijna vergeten.
ABBA Fan club nog bedankt voor de promo cd A van Agnetha die ik
gewonnen heb met de prijsvraag uit het magazine.
Hopelijk kunnen wij fans nog lang op jou service rekenen.
You're doing a TOP JOB.

Chris van Dijk - The Netherlands
24 October 2013, 21:41:06

Hej tillsammans, tack för boken. Tack så mycket. Allt var bra.
Hoppas vi ses igen nästa år. Hej hej

Ralf Hendricks - Germany
24 October 2013, 11:12:46

ABBAsolutely fantastic service as always. And thanks for your devotion to keeping the Fan Club going.
Margaret - Australia
11 October 2013, 12:49:13

yes I am much satisfied. I love Agnetha. All the best.
márcio - Brasil
27 September 2013, 15:00:56

Je suis très satisfait du service que nous offre le "ABBA FAN CLUB

Wilputte - Belgium
23 September 2013, 18:54:46

It is hard to find right words; everytime I am on your page - I AM
HAPPY. This is not just because of ABBA - but also for your
excellent job. THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC Helga!

Igor - Slovakia
23 September 2013, 18:39:01

Thanks so much for all the years good service of livering so
fantastic music of Abba and the members of Abba !I look happy forward for the new material.

Peter Dracht - NL
19 September 2013, 18:49:05

Just received the wondeful items that I ordered from the fan club shop. I'am very happy with everything I bought. And my order came very fast. Thank you again Helga. I love all the items in the shop. And I'am always happy with the fantastic service. You do a wonderful job for all us ABBA fans. Thank you again.
Carissa Higham - Australia
15 September 2013, 04:26:05

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