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Hi Helga, Thanks for the t-shirt. In Stockholm I couldn't find a nice Abba t-shirt but here through the Dutch fanclub I managed to get hold of a pretty nice one. All the best for 2010,
Jack - The netherlands
2 January 2010, 18:44:04

Hi Helga. I just love The fan clubshop. Iam going to order some more things soon. There are a lot of things that are not released in Australia but I need never worry becouse I know I can get anything from The shop.
Carissa Higham - Australia
14 December 2009, 05:12:25

Dear Helga, Thank you for the prompt delivery of Abba in Japan
(Two Rare Documentaries From Abba's Visits To Japan in 1978 and 1980) You provide a wonderful service.

John - Ireland
13 December 2009, 01:14:51

I received the fanclub Calendar 2010 yesterday. Looks wonderful again. Thanks!
Amy Pikaar - the Netherlands
12 December 2009, 10:48:33

I would like to thank you for all the hard work that goes into running the ABBA shop. This is the first place I go to at Christmas and always recommend the annual calendars. For fast, friendly service I always recommend the ABBA Fan Club Shop. Keep up the good work.

Paul Russell - UK
9 December 2009, 17:58:01

Hello, Helga!
This is the first time that I order some items from you. Usually, my friend has done this for me. So I have a lot of ABBA things from your shop and I have no intention to stop. Best regards from Bucharest!

Mugur Kreiss - Romania
26 November 2009, 19:56:42

Dear Helga, Thank you very much for the parcel and the speedy delivery! You make our dreams come true!This is a very good shop for us ABBA fans. Thank you!

Melinda Fabian Halaszne - Hungary
16 November 2009, 11:15:44

Dear Helga, I have to agree with Karin van Oevelen. It is true that there are lots of item not available outside Sweden. I am glad that you have made the ABBA Fan Club Shop happend so that fans around the world can have a chance to make their purchases without having to travel far.
I appreciate your every effort and keep up the great work! I'm looking forward for more ABBA and their solo projects releases.

Hew Shook-Ching - Malaysia
16 November 2009, 02:38:25

I have been a customer for many years, and all orders were processed to my utmost satisfaction! Great shop! Great choice of articles! Speedy delivery! ...and always the first with new releases! Thank you & please go on!

John Metsemakers - The Netherlands
28 October 2009, 17:43:16

Hello Helga, Thanks for the fast delivery of the items I order from the fanclubshop. You are not only the fanclubshop, You are so much more for us ABBA fans. for one example, You make our dreams come true. Thanks for the tickets for Kristinaconcert in New York. I had a wonderful time meeting with Bjorn en Benny alive and the cast of the musical.It was a wonderful show.

Rene Mathot - Netherlands
26 October 2009, 07:57:00

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