Guest book

Very excited to read Björns book!
Nina - Sweden
27 November 2018, 21:28:48

Very happy to get Björn's book which is not easy to find but thanks to the ABBA FC all is possible! Thank you
David LEGRAND - Belgium
23 November 2018, 14:43:35

Unique item. Perfect service. Thank you very much.
Guido - Germany
20 November 2018, 11:48:34

Just received Björn's wonderful book "You are who you meet",
with his signature. I previously thought the book would be
impossible to obtain, so a huge thank you to the fan club

Riikka Jääskä - Finland
9 November 2018, 20:47:27

The 'Benny's Road To ABBA' and 'Cadillac Madness' books arrived
sooner than I expected, and in great condition; thank you
Looking forward to the arrival of Björn's new book.
Greetings from Australia.

Tony Rogers - Australia
6 November 2018, 09:44:36

Thanks for the good always
Eric - Netherlands
2 November 2018, 19:38:13

Björn's "You Are Who You Meet", signed by the man himself.
Very pleased with it, looking forward to reading it.
As always, great service!

Edward Veldman - Nederland
2 November 2018, 13:11:19

"You Are Who You Meet" the wonderfully illustrated book by Pat Vale and Björn Ulvaeus. Although only available in Slottsholmen in Västervik, Sweden, the ABBA Fanclub Shop managed to get several copies for its costumers and I am very grateful for that and their service! Thank you so much for getting me a copy of the book, signed by Björn!
Rik Eijer - Netherlands
12 October 2018, 11:52:41

Bought Frida's Ensam. It wasn't in stock. Helga was so helpfull to order it and
send it after my holidays. Great service, great CD. Happy fan!

Sylvia - Nederland
8 September 2018, 13:47:49

Thank you once again Helga for my order the books vinyls and CD ‘s all received in excellent condition ,all r now displayed in my abba room, u and your team r doing a massive job ,my love to u all keep up the good work u r keeping a lot of fans in touch cheers
Brett Buckley - Dalby,Queenland,Australia.
9 August 2018, 11:20:01

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