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Helga and the staff at the ABBA Fan Club save the day again by making the hard to get hold of Voulez Vous Limited Edition 12" available to us fans.
I have been a member of this fan club for over 20 years.
In that time I've always been impressed by the way Helga and her staff always go out of their way to look after the fans. Universal, Mono & the Abba members can rest assured that those hard to find releases and tickets to special events etc. always find themselves going to those who continue to really support & love Abba.
Thanks for the attention you give to us fans through your shop and services, it's really appreciated.

Malcolm - UK
15 May 2012, 10:36:23

Excellent and fast service!
And always the newest items!
Highly recommendable!

Inez - Netherlands
14 May 2012, 14:01:47

Helga, Thanks so much for the caring service. When the Irish postal system got it wrong, you looked after my package until we could make another arrangement. My lovely, hard-to-find items arrived safe and sound! Thank you.
Tony - Ireland
11 May 2012, 15:04:55

The best shop for every ABBA, FRIDA, AGNETHA and BJORN&BENNY fans. Thanks Anita and Helga for the good job!!
You can buy here every item you want in your Abba collection!

Marcel Hoogmoed - Holland
9 May 2012, 23:22:13

I thank Abba for their good music and the Abbashop for their enough choice.
Peter Dracht - Netherlands
9 May 2012, 22:09:11

Hi Helga, Anita and all the Fan Club Shop team, my most recent package from you arrived so quickly and as always my purchases were securely wrapped.
I've lost count of the number of items I have bought from you over the years and I look forward to making many more in the future. You guys are the best! Kind regards,

Scott Bruce - U.K.
8 May 2012, 20:20:01

Hi Helga, Anita and all the dear people from the ABBA fanclub,
Thanks for offering the wonderful Voulez-vous 12" at a normal price. The package
came quick and it was very well packed. Hope to see you soon at another ABBA fest!

Onno Conde Nieto - Netherlands
2 May 2012, 16:27:25

Great service and super-friendly as ever!! THANK U
Harry Ehler - Austria
29 April 2012, 12:08:24

Hi, just got the lovely 12"glitter of Voulez-Vous, thank you so much for this lovely item and the lovely price better than all the copys that appear on Ebay.
The same goes for The visitors Deluxe version. There's no better shop than the fanclubshop. Thank you for the quick service.

ettie valstar - holland
28 April 2012, 11:33:50

I am so excited about the Voulez Vous Blue Glitter vinyl which is on its way to me. Over the years Helga has been such a delight to deal with and I very much appreciate ALL the wonderful help you have given me and for such a great service. Thank you and best regards from Australia.
John Kennedy - Australia
26 April 2012, 13:52:18

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