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I received the japanese cd "40/40" and the chinese castrecording from mamma mia. As usual it came in a good package and I can recommend these cd's to everybody. Especially the japanese cd. What a great cover. Glad to have this in my collection. Glad to have the fanclub to buy all these Abba items. Thanks for all the great work
ronnie wielockx - belgium
14 July 2014, 03:24:40

I hope there will be an updated version of the audiobook bright lights.. or perhaps more audiobooks of ABBA. I'm blind, for me, the audiobooks are a real gift. Thanks for sale this item as well Helga, I received my 40th single box yesterday and I'm loving it.
Amy - the Netherlands
2 July 2014, 09:53:44

I can't wait to receive my 40th box. Today I've ordered my copy from this shop. I will Always buy my ABBA Items from this shop because it's save, the products are in very good condition and ofcourse, Helga is Always very friendly. Great service. Thank you so much for everything Helga next month I will by more items.
Amy - the Netherlands
26 June 2014, 21:04:50

I'm from Chile and ABBF I bought many products, this time buy
Waterloo and Ring ring deluxe, magazine and box set 40 singles,
I've received very well and are wonderful, I now prepare to ask
the LIVE and something else.
ABBF is highly recommended because it is safe.
Thank you very much ABBF

Cesar A. Vargas Garrido - Chile
17 June 2014, 17:56:52

As usual, I am very happy to have received everything in a short time and in great
Thank you very much!!

Daniel Flores - Chile
23 May 2014, 03:44:19

Thanks Helga for the wonderful items :)
I´m sooooo pleased
thanks for fixing it :)

Anders - Sweden
19 May 2014, 16:08:44

They got both of my purchases a few weeks ago the picture disc 40
and the Waterloo Memorial keyring 40. All in very good condition
and very fast shipping. As always thanks to Helga for
accuracy in the service.

Donatella Bessi - Italy
9 May 2014, 15:01:09

Today my 40 single box set arrived!! I'm very happy with it.
Unfortunately I must wait for another 2 months when I'm
celebrating my 45th birthday ;-)
Thanks Helga to give us the opportunity to buy this unique
treasure. Greets

Hans - The Netherlands
3 May 2014, 16:31:20

Het boek ABBA het officiële fotoboek is echt een aanrader. Het
was goed verpakt. Thanks Helga,

Frans Warmenhoven - Nederland
27 April 2014, 11:23:07

Thank you for the wonderful package I got. I am totally happy now.
Thanks :-)

Regina Jansen - the Netherlands
25 April 2014, 20:28:23

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