We All Love ABBA

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Book "We All Love ABBA" by Stany Van Wymeersch

published 2016
176 pages
size: 23x28cm
hardcover (laminated)
language: English

Following on from his well-received book Let’s Talk About ABBA, Stany Van Wymeersch now turns the spotlight on how musicians and other creatives from a surprising array of genres have been inspired to draw from ABBA’s mesmerizing musical canon. The artists’ narratives, from Suzi Quatro to James Last and from Pete Waterman right through to the Sex Pistols, firmly illustrate that ABBA, and their music, have clearly left an indelible fingerprint on the output of a wide and diverse range of firmly established and respected artists. Some even went so far as to integrate or recraft ABBA’s music to sculpt their own unique projects.